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HBC, named after ancient Glacial Lake Hitchcock, is a 10-barrel farm brewery located in Whately, MA amidst views of Sugarloaf Mountain, Hitchcock Hopyard, historic tobacco barns and acres and acres of active farmland.

The brewery opened in May 2016 as the culmination of a 30-year vision for the husband and wife team of Rich & Geneva Pedersen who own and operate the brewery and hopyard by themselves. After working for 30 years in their respective professions, Rich in the IT field and Geneva in the medical field, they decided to retire and follow their dreams.

Rich has been a home brewer for over 30 years and Geneva loves gardening, hiking and all things outdoors. With the rise in craft brewing and their combined passion for brewing and gardening, they decided to make a new career for themselves brewing beer and growing hops. In 2013, they planted over 800 hop plants. Over the winter of 2015, Rich converted the barn into a brewery. The first batch of beer was brewed and sold by mid May 2016.

Rich brews primarily American Ales and uses hops from the hopyard when possible. He also uses local produce (raspberries, blueberries, maple syrup, pumpkin, and squash thus far) in seasonal and specialty beers. He makes beer that he likes to drink meaning they are full of flavor, crisp and clean, low on acidity, and true to style. His passion for all things beer shows through in the quality of his beer, his committed attitude for his customers and his enthusiastic conversations about the brewery and beer in general.

Tasting Hours: Saturdays 2-7pm

Free Samples
Growler/Grunt fills
16oz 4-pack Cans

129 Christian Lane,
Whately MA